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Together, lets create your African tale

— This is the start of your African adventure —

This is our tale...

An animal’s tail is one of the most expressive parts of its anatomy. It tells a story without words and carries a hundred different meanings.

It provides a sign in the bush where often things are seen but not heard. In the peaceful tranquillity of the safari, an animal’s tail can tell you, its friends, its enemies, everything you ever wanted to know with a single flick or colour.

The story that a tail tells is not unlike the tale you will tell... the greatest tales come from the most exotic, adventurous experiences, where natural beauty and travelling possibility are laid bare. These are experiences that would change your life, rearrange the way you see the world.

At Safari Tails we’ve lived these moments, our lives are changed, and we’ve been rearranged. With over 20 years of travelling through Africa, working in Africa, working with travellers in Africa, we’ve learnt that this travelling treasure, this poetic paradise, this cultural clash and home of discovery bathed in natural abundance, will change your life.

With our in depth travel knowledge, strong relationships with specialist guides and bead on all the secret spots, we will set the tone for your story and plot your journey.

When your life has been altered by Africa, it will be your travel tale to tell…